• Test Apparatus for Concrete mixes of Medium & High workability.
The Test is carried out by filling the Slump Cone with Freshly mixed Concrete, which is tamped with a Steel Rod in three layers. The Concrete is levelled off with the top of the Slump Cone. The Slump of the Sample is immediately measured by removing the Slump Cone.

Slump Cone :
Slump Cone complying with BS 1881, 5075, ASTM C-143 and AASHTO T-119 manufactured from stainless steel sheet and protected against corrosion. Weight 1.8 kg.

Tamping Rod
Tamping Rod made of stainless steel, 600 mm long x 16 mm diameter, hemispherical at both ends. Weight 1 kg.

Steel Rule
Steel Rule of rustless grade, 300 mm long, machine divided in millimeters and inches. Weight 50 gm.

Base Plate
Base Plate of galvanised steel 607 x 404 x 2 mm

Slump Cone Funnel
Slump Cone Metal Funnel for positioning on the Slump Cone to Assist in filling with fresh concrete. Weight 800 gm.

Scoop (Optional)
Scoop is made of stainless steel, 250 mm long x 125 mm diameter, 5 kg capacity.